Crowns. Veneers. Onlays.


Have you heard of same day dentistry? Our patients love it!
We have the E4D Dental System, a computer based technology that is revolutionizing our dental practice. If you’ve ever had to have a dental crown, a veneer, or an onlay to restore a tooth, you know that it took multiple visits to mold, create, and implant your crown.

At Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Bilal Saib offers the advantages of E4D technology that enables him to create and place custom porcelain restorations in one convenient visit.

The E4D is a complete CAD/CAM system which takes an intraoral image of the prepared tooth. From this, a virtual model of the tooth is created. The design software assists Dr. Saib in designing a restoration that matches neighboring teeth in size, form, and color. Finally, a computer driven milling device fabricates inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers from a metal-free block of porcelain right in the office. Dr. Saib then places the permanent restoration and you’re good to go.

One visit. A quality, custom-made, metal-free dental restoration. Total convenience.

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