Chapel Hill Partials Bridges Dentures Treatment


If you have a missing tooth – or missing teeth – you know the impact on your appearance, comfort, confidence, ability to eat and more.

With the many tooth replacement options available to you at the Chapel Hill dental practice of Dr. Saib, you don’t have to endure the embarrassment or discomfort of a missing tooth or teeth.

Dental Bridges
A dental bridge is an ideal option to replace one or several consecutive missing teeth. A permanent appliance, a dental bridge fills the space left by a missing tooth (or teeth). It is held in place by two crowns (abutments) that are placed on the healthy teeth adjacent to the space created by the missing teeth. In between the two crowns is a porcelain tooth (or teeth) that spans the empty area, replacing the missing tooth (or teeth), hence the term “bridge.” Once placed, the bridge is permanent. No special treatment is required. You just brush and floss like you would your natural teeth. Dental bridges can last a very long time if taken care of properly.

Full and Partial Dentures
If you have missing teeth, dentures are an affordable solution. Not only do they enhance your appearance and restore your confidence, they improve your ability to chew and speak, and also support the facial muscles.

A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth and adjacent tissues:

  • A partial denture replaces few to several teeth
  • Full dentures replace all the teeth

A partial denture also keeps the remaining healthy teeth from shifting positions in the mouth, helping to avoid TMJ and other bite-related pain and problems.

At your denture consultation, Dr. Saib will discuss your lifestyle, goals, expectations and priorities. We want to help you live life fully again!