Chapel Hill Denture Stabilization Dental Clinic


Do you wear dentures that slip when you talk, chew or smile? Are you tired of the hassle of taking care of your dentures every night?

If so, you owe it to your smile, your confidence and your comfort to consider implant supported dentures. To get started, just talk with Dr. Bilal Saib at Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry.

Implant supported dentures are a comfortable and secure tooth-replacement alternative that function more like your natural teeth.

Dr. Saib works closely with oral surgeons and periodontists to carefully place the titanium implants into the area of the missing teeth. Once the area has healed, Dr. Saib will craft dentures that look natural, fit securely and restore your confidence.

The dentures can be made to be removable, but with a “snap-in” fit without covering your palate. In some cases, we can place permanent dentures that cannot be removed and offer the comfort of a perfect bite, so you can smile, eat and function the way you did when you were sixteen!

Dr. Saib is one of a few dentists in North Carolina who does “complex” dental implant reconstructions on a daily basis. He teaches local dentists how to plan and restore these life altering restorations.

If you have implant supported dentures, but feel they are getting old and not looking their best, Dr. Saib can restore them or create new ones to fit on your existing implants.