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Q. Do you offer other services besides cosmetic dentistry?
A. Although our passion is doing complex restorative and cosmetic cases, we understand that not everyone needs or wants these procedures. So, YES, we do accept new patients of any priority level. Remember, we will never judge you. Our full-service dental practice offers cleanings, restorations, dental implants, TMJ treatments, Sleep Apnea treatments, extractions, and more.

Q. I have been told I need a crown, but I am concerned about having a temporary for a few weeks. Is there another alternative?
A. Dr. Saib has the E4D in-office milling system, which allows him to provide one-visit, all porcelain crowns and onlays in most cases.

Q. How do I become a new patient at Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry?
A. The best way is to call us between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 919.933.3388! We would like to get to know you starting with our first conversation on the phone, so please allow yourself 5-10 minutes of your time so that we can serve you best. If it is after hours, you can start the process by clicking on our New Patient Forms.

Q. Do you accept children as patients?
A. We love seeing the entire family, but we prefer to see children who are at least eight years old.

Q. What is the earliest patient appointment time, and do you have lunchtime appointments?
A. Our patients requested that we see them earlier, and so we see our first patients bright and early at 7:30am. We have also made it convenient for our patients to see us during their lunchtime, since we do not take a lunch break.

Q. Is Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry in-network with any dental insurance providers?
A. Yes, Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry is an in-network Premier Provider for patients who have Delta Dental. All other insurances will be filed after payment has been received.

Q. What if I don’t have Delta Dental insurance?
A. Although we do not subscribe to your insurance plan, we work with all of our patients to make their commitment as financially feasible as possible. As a courtesy, we will electronically file your insurance claim. Our patients pay in full at their visit, and the insurance companies reimburse you directly. Dr. Saib took an oath to provide the best care for his patients, which means he treats the patient without compromise, without the influence of insurance companies. Dr. Saib accepts cash, checks and credit cards. We also offer financing through The Lending Club and CareCredit.

Q. What if I have to cancel an appointment?
A. If you cannot make a scheduled appointment, we ask that you call to cancel 48 hours in advance.

Q. What is a dental implant?
A. In one word it’s – life-changing. A dental implant is more than just a replacement for a missing tooth or teeth; it’s made up of three vital parts. And when they come together, they create uniquely modern restoration. Made up of a small, lightweight titanium post that helps you to avoid bone loss in your jaw, an abutment or connector piece, and a crown or replacement tooth that fits your smile perfectly. Dental implants allow for single tooth replacement, multiple teeth replacement with a fixed bridge, and even dentures that can be fixed or removable for versatility and comfort.

Q. Am I a good candidate for a dental implant?
A. Chance are, the answer is yes! Most people who are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or all of their teeth are usually going to be optimal candidates for dental implant treatment. However, it’s in your best interest to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Saib. With specialized training and precise technology, he can assess your situation and talk to you about your smile goals. Dr. Saib is one of the few dentists in North Carolina who does “complex” dental implant restorations on a daily basis. He even teaches local dentists how to plan and restore implants.

Q. How much does dental implant treatment typically cost?
A. This answer to this question varies from patient to patient because no two smiles are alike. Things like the location of the implant, your jaw bone density, deterioration of nearby teeth, and if gum grafting is needed, and other factors all help to determine the overall cost of treatment. Throughout the many dental implants Dr. Saib has assisted with and the restorations he’s completed, it’s safe to say that every case is different. He works closely with oral surgeons and prosthodontists for an assessment that’s representative of your needs and your budget. Insurance may cover your dental implant, but it varies depending on your specific plan or situation. Investing in a dental implant or multiple implants now will save you money (and your smile) in the long run.

Q. How long does a dental implant last?
A. With proper care, implants are built to withstand the test of time. Decay, disease, or deterioration will not harm your new tooth or crown. However, it’s essential to maintain healthy gums to be able to support the remaining parts of your dental implant. You’ll still need to visit our office regularly for routine checkups and cleanings.

Q. Can you stabilize dentures with dental implants?
A. Implant supported dentures are entirely stable and secure. You can forget about loose, uncomfortable dentures that slip when you eat and speak. You’ll never have to worry about taking your teeth out at night for cleaning and storage. Dr. Saib can create implant supported dentures can completely change your life and your smile with a look that’s natural, comfortable, and functional.

Q. Are implant supported dentures removable?
A. Dr. Saib can help you with both removable and permanent implant supported dentures. He will complete a comprehensive, full-mouth assessment to determine what kind of dentures make the most sense for your oral health situation and active lifestyle. Removable dentures feature a “snap-in” fit that doesn’t cover your palate for exceptional comfort! In some cases, Dr. Saib may also recommend permanent implant supported dentures that cannot be removed. No matter what option works for you, you’ll never see dentures or your smile the same way again.

Q. How long does dental implant treatment take?
A. It’s difficult to put a definitive timeframe on dental implant treatment because every patient and their needs are uniquely different. You’ll first meet with Dr. Saib and undergo a series of diagnostic tests and evaluation to understand your personal needs better. Once we have a complete set of x-rays, we’ll go over your smile goals, medical and dental history, assess your jaw bone health, and determine the right course of action suitable for your schedule and your budget. Treatment time often ranges from a few months to over a year for cases that are more complex.

Q. What is cosmetic dentistry?
A. Cosmetic dental care is more than just a smile makeover. It has the power and ability to transform not only your teeth but your confidence too. Patients like you from all over Chapel Hill and Durham come to Dr. Saib for his renowned talents in recreating healthy smiles. He’s extremely knowledgeable and highly trained to use the latest technology and techniques. Dr. Saib has helped numerous patients achieve outstanding aesthetic results with using sought-after procedures such as porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, laser teeth whitening, and gum recontouring. Talk with him about cosmetic dentistry if you’re embarrassed by how your teeth look or are always trying to hide your smile. You’ll be amazed by the improvement in your oral health, your overall health, and your self-confidence.

Q. What can cosmetic dentistry do for my smile?
A. There are numerous ways cosmetic dentistry will take your smile to the next level for the complete look and function you’ve always dreamed of having. You can say goodbye to discolored, broken, crooked, missing, short, and overlapped teeth thanks to a variety of successful, proven treatments that are completed in the comfort of our office with the team you know and trust. Thanks to our revolutionary E4D technology, Dr. Saib can fix your smile in as little as a day or two! Whether you’re considering a complete smile transformation or want to do something about that one problem tooth, Dr. Saib and cosmetic dentistry are your go-to solution.

Q. Does insurance cover cosmetic dentistry?
A. Insurance coverage for cosmetic dentistry varies depending on your insurance provider. Sometimes procedures are covered, partially or entirely, but many times they’re not covered at all. Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry is an in-network Premier Provider for patients who have Delta Dental. If you don’t have Delta insurance, we’re happy to work with you and electronically file your insurance claim and help you get reimbursed for your payment. Dr. Saib also accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards. You can also affordably finance your care through our third-party providers – The Lending Club and CareCredit.

Q. Am I a good candidate for porcelain veneers?
A. Most patients can proceed with porcelain veneer treatment without problems or hesitation. Dr. Saib is one of the most experienced leaders in porcelain veneers thanks to extensive knowledge, advanced training, and a dedication to true artistry. He’ll take your face shape, features, symmetry, and skin tone into consideration, serving as an expert guide to help you find the best shape, color, and size veneers to transform your smile. These ultra-thin sheets of porcelain bond directly to the front surfaces of your teeth to correct imperfections and erase damage.

Q. What are some of the benefits of porcelain veneers?
A. You’ll never see your smile the same way again with porcelain veneers. Dr. Saib precisely sculpts each veneer for a completely seamless transition between your natural teeth and your new veneers. They’re specially constructed out of high-tech, resilient materials to resist stains from beverages such as coffee and tea. Does whitening not work on your teeth? Porcelain veneers will give you the bright, straight smile you deserve.

Q. Do porcelain veneers require special care?
A. Your new porcelain veneers are easy to take care of! Just treat them like your natural teeth, brushing twice daily and flossing once. Dr. Saib will talk to you about choosing the right toothpaste that’s non-abrasive and will ensure your veneers stay polished and functional. You’ll still need to see us every six months for a checkup and cleaning.

Q. Can cosmetic bonding help my chipped or gapped teeth?
A. Yes and yes! Dr. Saib can fix these things (and more) using cosmetic bonding. The best part is – most cosmetic bonding procedures can be complete in one comfortable, convenient visit to Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry. Bonding is also ideal for restoring decayed teeth, fixing discolorations, reshaping teeth, and acting as a natural-looking alternative to amalgam fillings. Dental cosmetic bonding with Dr. Saib generally takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for each tooth.

Q.  Is there a cosmetic dentistry solution to whiten my teeth?
A. Dr. Saib offers a variety of smile whitening procedures that are effective for almost every smile type. Do you have a big event or special occasion that’s rapidly approaching and you need a whiter, photo-ready smile? Ask us about ZOOM!2 Advanced Power Whitening®! This state-of-the-art whitening system is used in the comfort of our office with noticeable results you’ll love after just one visit. We also have Day White® or Night White® take-home whitening that uses custom-fitting trays to brighten your smile without having to leave your house.

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