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Dr. Saib is renowned throughout Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas as a highly talented smile makeover expert. He combines advanced dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, laser teeth whitening and gum recontouring to provide all of his Chapel Hill smile makeover patients with outstanding aesthetic results.

Are you embarrassed by the condition of your teeth? Do you cover or hide your smile when someone tells a joke or takes a picture of you?

At Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry, we practice cosmetic dentistry that not only enhances the appearance of the smile; it also improves health and boosts self-esteem.

Quite simply, our cosmetic dentistry can change your life.

What can cosmetic dentistry do for your smile?

  • Whiten stained, yellowed teeth.
  • Restore broken, chipped or worn teeth.
  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Straighten crooked or overlapped teeth.
  • Close gaps between teeth.
  • Contour “gummy” smiles.
  • Lengthen short teeth.

Whether you want a complete smile makeover or you have just one tooth that bothers you, we offer the cosmetic dental care to create the smile you’ve always wanted. With our E4D technology, we can transform a smile in as little as two days, and sometimes, we can do it on the same day!

Dr. Saib has the experience, skill, and knowledge to be your cosmetic dentist.

Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Saib is truly a leader with his knowledge and experience in porcelain veneers. Dr. Saib looks at your entire face, shape, features, symmetry and even skin tone. Dr. Saib serves as a guide and an advisor in helping you find the best color, shape and size when it comes to veneers for your smile.

When it comes to smile artistry, porcelain veneers are the cosmetic dentist’s most valuable tools.

Veneers can be used for just about any cosmetic procedure from repairing a chipped or worn tooth to restoring teeth to their optimal length, width, color and size.

So, what are porcelain veneers? They’re ultra-thin sheets of porcelain that bond to the front surfaces of the teeth, correcting any cosmetic problem with the tooth. They can return teeth to a brilliant white color, a natural size and shape, a straight alignment and more. Empress and Lumineers are a brand of porcelain veneers.

When bonded to the teeth, the veneers are virtually undetectable – they look completely natural. They are also very resistant to coffee, tea or other staining agents, so they maintain their brilliance.

For strength and appearance, veneers’ resemblance to healthy, white tooth enamel is unsurpassed by other restorative options, such as cosmetic bonding. They can transform any smile to one that is straight, white and beautiful.

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Cosmetic Bonding

Do you have one chipped tooth that is ruining your entire smile? Do you have a gap between your front teeth? Do you have a tooth that is discolored?

Don’t put up with minor imperfections in your smile. Ask Dr. Saib about cosmetic dental bonding.

Cosmetic dental bonding is a simple cosmetic procedure with dramatic results. So simple, in fact, most bonding procedures can be completed in one easy, convenient and comfortable visit.

Bonding is an ideal method of completing a variety of cosmetic procedures including:

  • Restoring decayed teeth
  • Improving the appearance of discolored teeth
  • Reshaping teeth to make them longer
  • Repairing chipped or cracked teeth
  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • As a cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings

Dental cosmetic bonding takes about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth to complete. First, a thin coating of a plastic material is applied on the front surface of the tooth. A bonding material is applied and sculpted, then colored and shaped to provide an attractive, natural-looking result. A high-intensity light hardens the plastic. Finally, the surface is polished. In no time at all, your smile will be restored to an attractive, healthy appearance.

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Teeth Whitening

Nothing ages your smile – or you – more than a dingy, stained, yellowed smile. Brighten up your smile with teeth whitening! Dr. Saib offers a variety of teeth whitening procedures; one is sure to be right for you and your smile.

ZOOM!2® Advanced Power Whitening

For the busy person on the go who wants a brighter, whiter smile in about an hour, ZOOM!2 Advanced Power Whitening is the perfect choice. A state-of-the-art in-office whitening system, ZOOM!2 whitens teeth in one visit. The procedure begins with a short preparation to isolate and protect your lips and gums. We then apply the ZOOM!2 whitening gel to your teeth. We expose your teeth to a specially designed ZOOM!2 light that activates the gel, lifting stains and whitening teeth. All you have to do is sit back and relax for about 45 minutes while the light and the gel do their magic. Finally, we’ll give you a quick fluoride treatment and you’re done! ZOOM!2 we typically see patients’ smiles brighten up to six to ten shades whiter, sometimes more. You can continue to keep your teeth white by using a professional grade take-home teeth whitening kit with custom mouth trays to touch up as needed.

Day White/Night White
Day White or Night White is the take-home whitening system by Zoom! that uses custom-made trays to brighten smiles. You just fill the trays with the whitening gel, and then wear them over your teeth for the recommended amount of time. In a week, your teeth will be whiter!

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