Chapel Hill Single Tooth Implant Dentistry


If you’re missing a tooth, you know what a tremendous impact it can have on the appearance of your smile, your confidence and your comfort.

But did you know that missing teeth could wreak havoc on your health, too? The space left by a missing tooth (or teeth) allows your remaining healthy teeth to shift and move in your mouth. This movement can completely alter your bite, causing a range of problems from abnormal tooth wear to severe TMJ pain.

Chapel Hill dentist Dr. Bilal Saib has the perfect solution: Dental implants.

A dental implant is a permanent fixture placed in your mouth to replace both the tooth and the tooth root. Implants can be used to replace one missing tooth, several missing teeth, or all of the teeth and can also be used to hold full and partial dentures securely in place.

If you have one or several missing teeth and want a permanent solution, call Dr. Saib today 919.933.3388.