Smile More with Cosmetic Dentistry

added on: December 10, 2012

Christmas is around the corner. And before you know it you will be ringing in the new year!  Exciting! I am sure many of you are starting your list of resolutions. Maybe it is to start running (on my list), to get promoted, find love, or to lose weight (always on my list).

Studies have shown that your appearance is an indicator of whether or not you will get that promotion. Or get hired for a new job. Or finding lasting love. Let’s be real. People are judging you. We know they shouldn’t be, but they are. It is called beauty bias.  We can’t help it. We are attracted to attractive people. And attractive people like to smile…a lot.

Would you smile more if you liked what you saw in the mirror? Most of our cosmetic dentistry patients say that they would smile more if they had nicer teeth. And this is where Dr. Bilal Saib from Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry can use his expertise to perfect that beautiful smile unique to your face.

“A whiter smile is all some patients need to look younger and refreshed. Other patients need porcelain veneers on the two front teeth, and other patients might need dental implants or orthodontics. I really take the patients lifestyle and make a treatment plan that makes sense for their personal needs, not mine,” says Dr. Saib.

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs may be, whether it be teeth whitening or porcelain veneers and anything in between, call Chapel Hill Advanced Dentistry at 919-933-3388 and schedule your free consultation. The world deserves to see you smile!

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